Monday, 9 November 2015

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Accurate Model of Muller House:

3 Variations of Model:

Modified Pavilion:



I apologize for the bad quality of the video. I tried exporting the matinee movie for the video but my unreal engine doesn’t export the screenshots for the video therefore I have to screen record the animation I made. I'll try to fix the video as soon as possible and figure out how to export those screenshots.

Site with Residential and Pavilion

Rendered Model

Not Rendered Model in Site

Front view

Back view

View of pavilion from walkway

Top view

Rendered Model in Site

Back view

Side view


Main Entrance


Living Room with fireplace

Bedrooms Hallway

Improved Pavilion



Material for the pavilion includes steel which is for the structure of columns, plywood panelling used to form skin of pavilion and elastic plaster can be use as the finishing touch.

Rendered Pavilion

Floor plan:

Side view of floor plan
Ground floor is the locker area

Perspective floor plan
The second floor is the showering space

Usage of ground and top floor

Data Relation

The size of the the different floors show the number of internet connection. The larger the circle is, the higher the number of that particular internet connection.