Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Phase 1 Particle Systems Video

To see in high quality, change the quality settings of the video.
The video above represents the data of the housings that use broadband connection. I chose P_GPU particles attraction to represent this data because broadband connection has the most user and it is the only particle system that has the greatest light intensity. As for the location of the particle system, I put it there because most of the broadband connection came from the house.
The video above represents the amount of housings with no internet connection in Woolloomooloo. Since the amount of housing with no internet is quite low, I chose P_emitter initial location to represent the data due to its low light intensity.
The video above represents the amount of housings that have not stated their type of internet connection. I chose P_vectorfield to represent the data. Since there amount of 'not stated' is in between the amount of people having broadband connection and no internet, I chose this particle as its light intensity is stronger than the particle system that represents no internet but weaker than that of broadband's.

The video above represents the amount of housings using other internet connection. Since the data for other connection is the lowest data therefore I chose P_particle light to represent the data as it has low light intensity. 

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