Monday, 31 August 2015

Week 4 Independent Study


G key à enters game view

E key à used to rotate

W key à used to move

R key à used to scale

Select Actor > right click in blueprint > add reference to actor à to add actor to the blueprint

‘event begin play’ component is used so that as soon as the player begins playing the game, something will happen to the actor.

‘toggle visibility’ component allows the actor to become visible when it’s not/ turn it invisible when it’s visible.

‘On actor begin overlap’ component is used to so that when the actor is triggered, an action will occur.

‘On actor end overlap’ component will end the action that occur.

‘Delay’ component allows to timer to be set in which the action will occur.

Alt + click wire = wires disconnected

Color Coding:

Red represents Boolean

Green represents floats

Teal represents integers

White represents execution wires


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